About our project

Our Team

We are a young, dynamic, and ambitious multicultural team of young people with passion is food. Our goal is to help others discover and enjoy the best places in the United Kingdom to eat every day.

We are also designers and programmers, working for you to create the most comprehensive website for restaurants and anyone who loves to eat out. As our team grows, so does our interest in the dishes of different cuisines, which is why we are always hungry - for the new, tasty, curious, but also for the traditional and familiar that reinvents itself. With our website, we would like to bring all this closer to you.

We like to go out to eat, but we also like to order online. The most important thing for us is to find the best restaurant - and to add these restaurant(s) to our database - so that others can find it too.

Our team is motivated and works hard to improve our website so that we all can find the best restaurant for us even easier among the ever-growing number of restaurants. Our community supports this goal by sharing their opinions with everyone, thus ensuring transparency.

Find restaurants in the UK

We provide a full list of restaurants for every city and town in the UK to order the most delicious dishes online and enjoy them indoors.

You will be able to find the best restaurants in your area in almost every city without wasting hours searching for a good establishment in a foreign environment. So enjoy your free time and eat your favourite meals.

You can narrow your search even further if you already know what cuisine you would like to eat, such as Italian or Mexican.

Our principles

The appreciation of the restaurants on our website is significant for us. Therefore, we try to present each restaurant in the best possible way and provide as much information about it as possible. Our focus is to make restaurants easier to find and to ensure that search results only show relevant places.

We also strive for the highest possible transparency. We aggregate online ratings via different websites and, of course, make it possible for you to see them directly on the respective profile page of the restaurants. Besides, feedback can be given via questionnaires.

We believe in making the path to the perfect restaurant as easy as possible by using different algorithms to make them simple to find and ensure that up-to-date contact information is available.

We also invest a lot of time and energy in the further development of our platform. We regularly develop new features and evaluate the existing offers.

The story behind the project

The idea for our website came to us while searching for a restaurant from which we can order. We noticed that not every restaurant is necessarily available on popular food delivery services in the UK. Therefore, it is common that you are not shown all the restaurants you can order from - you would have to work your way through all available services. So we have created a platform as a starting point to search for restaurants in the neighbourhood.

On some trips, we also noticed that there is a similar need for restaurants in general. There are many different websites with countless restaurants, but there was no single website where you can find them all.